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The Diva of Dysfunction Tonya McKenzie

The Diva of Dysfunction Tonya McKenzie

The Diva of Dysfunction, Tonya McKenzie joins Airial on this episode of The Veteran Woman Podcast! There is so much wisdom contained within this episode that it’s impossible to summarize. This one goes deep into success principles to live by. From dealing with extreme life events to caring for other people: Tonya covers serious ground.

In this episode

·        Finding the dysfunction in your life

·        What do you have control over?

·        Removing toxicity from your life

·        Caring about what other people want

·        What PR is, and who needs it

“From an early age on through my adult life, dysfunction just kinda runs rampant”

“You really have to be clear over what you have control over”

“It should be well received when other people want to do things that improve their quality of life”

“I’m just trying to be a better me”

“We don’t celebrate ourselves enough”

“You can’t always assume you know what other people want”

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